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November 19, 2012
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The Mirror Pool by HieronymusWhite The Mirror Pool by HieronymusWhite
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It's a wonderful piece of art, great to look at and the colors work together to make perfect shading. Although the angle, style and texture is original the scene is drawn often therefore the four stars. I love the technique it's close to the shows and yet it has a more realistic feel as well as cartoon y. This scene can have a large impact on the My Little Pony fandom; it shows a side of Pinkie pie we haven't or rarely seen, a place where she can't handle everything despite her ability to break the 4-dimensional wall. Well done:)
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Pinkie ..... run...just frickin run! Don't try and make her smile just RUN!!!
Equestria Bureau of Investigation (EBI) file on "Cupcakes" killer...

First report came from Pinkie Pie, stating that she'd cloned a psychotic alterego from a "mirror pond" (Confirmed by Pcs. Twilight Sparkle and Pcs. Celestia, citations from Bearded, Starswirl the; see Canterlot Library resources cited). Ms. Pie cooperated fully with all investigations, but the "Cupcakes" doppleganger proved as unpredictable as the original, while also being far more malevolent...
and Pinkie Pie was never heard from again
You have NO IDEA how fucking hard I wished for this to happen when I heard this was an episode.
I was so very disappointed.
"You wanna know what I do for fun, eh Pinkie Pie?"

Later on in the same episode: "Hey Dash, wanna 'help' me make some cupcakes..."

And at the very end of the episode: "I am the Time Master and you will obey me."
"Shut up."
As the clone emerges from the water pinkie sees that something is wrong, this clone is nothing like the hipper copies she's made before. This pinkie clone's mane was straight, her eyes were like starring into a nightmare, and her voice sound like death itself giving a laugh at the meaningless life before it.
Pinkiamina: want to know what I like to do for fun Pinkie?
I KNOW IT! THE MAGIC MIRROR POOL SHOW YOUR OTHER SELF TOO! oh no, the magic mirror pool show your trully self too
I actually thought that would be the plot to 'Too Many Pinkies'. It does sound like your regular old split personality episode after all.
SecretLaser Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
reverse clone
Someone make a story about this NOW!
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